NaviCell terminology

Term Explanation
Annotation post Detailed map entity annotation created in CellDesigner by map manager. The annotation is converted to annotation post and displayed in the associated blog by NaviCell.
Bird-eye view panel Window containing top-level view of the map with indication on currently centered area; adapted from Google maps.
Blog A web site associated with NaviCell on which maps entities annotations are displayed and where curators can leave comments about content of maps.
Map Image of detailed molecular interactions network graphically represented using CellDesigner tool and converted to NaviCell for exploring, curation and maintenance.
Map entity Component of the map graphically depicted using SBGN standards in CellDesigner tool.
Map icon (globe) Symbol indicating map hyperlink. Clicking on the map logo open the map in a separate window.
Map module Image of part of the map representing a group of molecular interactions with common functional relevance.
Map panel Central panel depicting the image of the map.
Marker Symbol indicating location of chosen objects on the map; adapted from Google maps.
Pop-up bubble Small window that opens by clicking on marker. Contains short description and hyperlinks related to the marked entity.
Post icon (book) Symbol indicating blog (post) hyperlink. Clicking on the post logo open corresponding post in a separate window.
Selection panel Right panel containing list of map entities grouped by type and map modules. Selection of entities is by clicking on the corresponding checkbox.
Semantic zoom A mechanism providing several map views with different levels of details depiction achieved by gradual exclusion of details while zooming out.
Title panel Upper panel containing map title, help and map symbols code.
Zooming bar Zoom control slider; adapted from Google maps.
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